Hi, I’m Deanna, clarinetist. This is my blog. Everybody is doing it, I know, and at the risk of looking like a complete copy-cat, here’s my own brand-new blog. Really I’m about to take another audition, and if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. I graduated with a BM in clarinet from Ohio State and a MM from the University of North Texas. After graduating, I taught private lessons in the area but decided that I needed greater financial stability and joined the Navy Fleet Bands, where I am fortunate enough to be stationed in beautiful Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i. I have taken more than a few auditions in my life, for both premier bands and symphony orchestras, all to no avail, so it’s time to try something different. I am following along in the path of Nathan Cole’s 14-week New York Philharmonic audition challenge, whose timeline happens to line up with my next audition. I created this blog to organize my videos and have a central location where I can go review my work and my thoughts about this challenge. The idea came from my good friend over at sandyclarinet.com, who already has a rockin blog. Each week, I will share my video(s) and impressions on my journey to Washington, D.C. Maybe I’ll even learn something! And maybe someday I’ll put up some professional-quality photos.